Brief history of time



 has  always been  the meeting  place  of diverse civilizations, which  have left their  mark   through   the   centuries   and   have   forged a millenary history whose legacy continues   to   this   day.

The   Celts   in   the   north,   the   Roman   Empire   throughout   the Mediterranean  coast, and  the  Arabs  in  the  south, have made  this mix  of cultures  that

has left a rich and varied heritage, both  architectural  and artistic and cultural  systems in which a high percentage is declared as a Worl Spain d Heritage Site by UNESCO It also  offers  the  visitor  a varied  types  of landscapes, which  change  dramatically  from one  region  to  another.  And  all   this  not  only  makes  Spain  a  country,  but  could  go  further and say that is a micro-continent, where 4 different languages are spoken and where  there  are  radically  different  traditions  and  cultures,  but  always  respected  and  celebrated by all. We want to share in our history, and help you to discover. Despite  being  a newly established  Tour  Operator,  the  team  is  composed  of  both long and  proven  experience  in  Incoming  Tourism,  assisting  its  customers  24  hours  a  day,

because our philosophy is to care for each traveler and our real guests.


Our Staff put a very special care and dedication to the Meetings and IncentivesGroups, in order to ensure the smash hit of the event. We work to make your event productive and unforgettable

 - The best vehicles for transfers, visits, trips…
- Lively receptions at the airport
- The hotel and facilities best suited to the demands and customer needs
- The most charismatic venues where do the gala dinners, meetings,presentations, and any type of event
 - Original animations for gala or thematic dinners…
 - We can offer different ways to make the cultural visits.
 - Team building activities, for the enhancement of group work, or the pursuit of
leadership teams, etc ...
 - Supporting the most qualified professionals and techniciansIn short everything you need for your event became a success.


We have a wide selection of hotels from 1 to 5 stars all over the country, and also in


We have vehicles of all capacities and categories. From a taxi arranged to high-end
vehicles, limousines and vintage cars restored to do any type of transfer, visit or tour.


You can complete your stay in cities with a wide range of possibilities for daily excursions to major tourist destinations.


We have a very good agreement with one of the largest companies in Europe, which allows us to offer service in all irports, competitive rates and exceptional service.


We offer the possibility of combining different car rental packages with stays at the
points of interest. This package includes accommodation in hotels of category 3, 4
stars, “Paradores” and charming hotels.



Sometimes is not easy to find that the client are looking for, ask to as and we will
resolve, whichever the number of pax (individuals or groups), and we will send you our
proposal in 24 hours.



Each group has different needs and expectations, for that reason we prefer to
address each of custom, and so adapt our offer as requested by each group: bus
services, hotels, restaurant, local guides , entrance monuments, special requirements
(religious groups, sports, students, 3rd. Age, etc ...)



Propose different routes to discover the major mainland destinations, departing from
Barcelona and Madrid, although these itineraries can be custom tailored to the needs
of each group.

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